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Triboldi family started up their first business in 1865 focusing on candles production. The first candle making plant was steam-powered and...

With the XX century this activity grew so much that after the Second World War, in 1952 Pietro Triboldi was able to expand the business to paraffin trading, founding a company called SIMP. Later on, the need for diversification and the strengthening of strategic alliances led Pietro Triboldi to the import and distribution of chemical and petrochemical products on the national market. He was a real pioneer in establishing solid relationships with Russian and Chinese producers of paraffins and organic solvent, in years when those markets were still considered inaccessible to foreign entrepreneurs. Constant supplies of products and profitable economic conditions deriving from privileged relations with its foreign producers soon made SIMP one of the leaders of the sector.

In the sixties and the seventies, the company continued growing, enlarging its portfolio to other petrochemical products, also thanks to the creation of Decal S.p.A, a company operating in tank installations of petrochemicals at Porto Marghera Terminal in Venice. Still nowadays the synergy with Decal is one of the competitive advantages of SIMP.

In the eighties and the nineties the company saw a constant growth in terms of imports of new products, creation of new distribution channels in foreign countries and new commercial agreements with some of the major international oil and petrochemical companies.

In the nineties the changed geopolitical and economic situation of Eastern European and Middle East countries allowed SIMP owners to search for strategic alliances in those areas, creating joint ventures and acquiring participations in companies, both in Italy and abroad, in order to better penetrate specific market segments.

The new century has brought new challenges for SIMP and for the whole Group. The economic crisis in Europe has called for a re-organisation of the Group and a consolidation of the positioning acquired in the passed years. In 2011 the historic business of candle making was merged into SIMP thus opening up the company to new projects. The instability of many Middle Eastern Countries and some Mediterranean areas has led the owners to redesign the supply and demand patterns, exploring new borders in search for strategic alliances with key partners. China and Far East as well as the Americas and some more stable areas of Middle East have become the new areas of expansion for both supply and sales.

What the future holds for SIMP is not unpredictable. SIMP has reached now the third generation of ownership within the same family and is ready to face new challenges with unspoilt courage and renewed optimism.